Cute Decorations for your Garden

Not everyone gets the pleasure of having a large garden to roam and explore. Sometimes we don't have the time or the space to make that happen. That's why we want to make the best of what we do have access to. By adding a small decoration to a garden area, you can transform the energy. Here are some awesome decorations we picked out to do just that.

This gorgeous hand sculpted flowerpot has two lover birds with their nest dug into the side.  Put this on a window sill or maybe even next to your bathroom sink. This little piece will bring a little bit of garden fever to any room.

Maybe you're less of a lover bird and more of a book worm. If that's the case you would probably be more interested in a book flowerpot. Hand sculpted and great for a desk or bookshelf.

Decorate your room with a plant hanger. This Macrame style plant hanger has decorative weaved in beads that is durable enough for indoors or outdoors. Hang this Bead Macrame Flowerpot near a window or sliding glass door.