3 Home Decorations to Make a Cool Room

Is you man cave kind or she shed in lack of some decoration? Adding decor to a room can really change up the mood. We picked out 3 insanely cool decorations to add to any living spot.

Ceramic Dragon Ornament

Give yourself the gift of aromatherapy with a dragon shaped incense burner. Just to make it better than the way this one is designed is to create a back-flow cloud. It is highly relaxing and adds zen to a room.

Dancing Flame LED Candles

Candles are known to create a warm glowing feeling inside your room very similar to the feeling you get from a warm fire (minus the warmth). So spread a couple of candles around your room and turn of the bright unnatural yellow lights. Experience a mood change to the room with these LED colored candles.

3D Glowing Star Stickers

Are you the type of person that sits up all the night star-gazing. Well now you can stay up even longer by sticking these stars up onto your ceiling.The glowing star stickers is a great addition to a bedroom.